In cards and love, it’s all about the hand you’re holding.

I love my wife.  I love how she teaches me to take the high road sometimes.  Sometimes.  There are things that I really want to get angry about and spout off about, but she just has a way of keeping me calm and helping me to see the bigger picture.  Now, there are definitely circumstances in her life that I think she should be furious and very vocal about, and she’s not.  Some times I want to be furious and vocal about it for her.  Instead, I have to trust her wisdom and unique insight into the situation.

She’s not perfect.  She’d be the first to tell you that.  But she is most definitely perfect for me.  It’s funny, because back in my brief, divorced, single days – when I dabbled in online dating – I wouldn’t have given her the time of day.  She was out of my target age range, on the wrong side of the political fence, and a little too into astrology signs.  She also sent me pictures of her tattoos.  That was new.  Still, the more we talked, the more I fell in love.  My wife is an incredible communicator (except for the fact that she over-uses the phrase “you know”!).  One of the first times we spent any substantial amount of time talking to each other was after a wine and cheese party, and subsequent trip to a bar on Broadway (Tootsie’s?), in the front yard of the friend who was trying to set us up.  I left my car running, just sure that it would be a brief conversation.  About 45 minutes later, both of us beginning to cough from the carbon monoxide exhaust, I finally turned it off.  I vividly remember consciously thinking to myself that I could spend some serious time with this woman.  Just watching her and listening to her talk.  But not just talk…  listen.  As good of a communicator as she is, she’s an even better listener.  That’s why so many people tell me how lucky I am to have such a great wife.  That’s why so many of her friends call or email her with their trials and tribulations.  It’s hard to find such a wise and compassionate friend who will stop talking about their own issues long enough to truly hear yours.  She inspires me.

I will often quote partially written song lyrics from my past in this blog.  One just sprang into my mind – The Main Attraction.  It was never a complete thought, but the two lines that were supposed to rhyme and illustrate the hook were something like:  “She’s got a body that was made for action, but her heart is the main attraction.”  Hey, I know her!


~ by suitenectar on January 22, 2010.

6 Responses to “In cards and love, it’s all about the hand you’re holding.”

  1. Well, you know-that has to be one of the sweetest things you have written for me and there are lots of sweet things you have done/written for me.

  2. Ahhhh…that’s so sweet…and SO true. Missi is the best!!! …and I owe her major bucks for therapy. Ha!

  3. Well, you know- You lovebirds make me sick. But that’s cool with me cause I love you all. You make a wonderful couple and if nothing else keep my hopes up that there is such a thing as a happy relationship.

  4. Marcus – I agree with everything you said. And Pen she has saved me a fortune too!

  5. I watched Miss go through her divorce and I remember thinking then that I would never see another woman maintain such grace and self confident. She is one tough lady. Even then I began praying that she would find someone that completed her soul… Man, when God answers He does it with style, doesn’t He?! You guys are such a perfect match and a wonderful blessing to the boys and I. Thanks for sharing Miss with the rest of us!

  6. […] conservative-leaning, mildly OCD technology junkie.  As I mentioned in a previous post (In cards and love, it’s all about the hand you’re holding), given only each others’ statistics without an opportunity to meet, we wouldn’t have […]

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