Don’t let someone else’s “Nojo” put a damper on your Mojo.

There are many definitions of the word “mojo”.  Here are a few that relate to this post:

1. n. Personal magnetism; charm.

2. n. Power; charisma. : She seemed to radiate a penetrating mojo that made her easy to deal with.

3. n. Supernatural power or luck.

4. n. Self-confidence, Self-assuredness. As in basis for belief in one’s self in a situation.

5. n. The ability to bounce back from a debilitating trauma and negative attitude.

6. n. That quality, often elusive, that sets a person apart from everyone else.

Mojo is a very important component of success and/or contentment in life.  It took me about 35 years to find my mojo.  Oh, there were periods in my life where I exuded self-confidence, but it was mostly a facade.  It only took one person, with whom I began to spend a lot of time, to make that facade a semi-permanent wall behind which my true self – and my mojo – was hidden away.  This person was my Nojo.

What’s a Nojo, you ask?  Nojo stands for “No joy”.  A Nojo is a discourager, a downer, a buzz kill.  A Nojo is a dream killer who – knowingly or unknowingly – puts their dreams and needs and ambitions above everyone else’s.  Your Nojo could be your boss, your supposed best friend, even your spouse.  Obviously, you can’t simply ignore these people – they are a big part of your life.  However, you must develop a filter that enables you to “take note” of their thoughts and opinions without letting them dictate your path.

Here’s the deal:  Only dreamer’s dreams come true.  There is tangible value in having a realist in your life – someone who may be able to point out legitimate flaws in your hair-brained ideas.  However, you must press on toward the goal.  When they point out that flaw in your theory, learn from it.  Find a way around it.  Use the intelligence, skills, and tools that God has given you.  Find your mojo.

In fact, I have a new definition for mojo…  Perhaps it could be an abbreviation for “More joy”?


~ by suitenectar on February 9, 2010.

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