Congratulations on Your Good Hair Day and other timeless Greeting Cards

You Know You Want It

One of the great cards from

These days there’s a greeting card for just about anything.  I needed one on Saturday, but didn’t have much luck in seeking out that perfect one that said, “I’m sorry I sat on the couch all weekend watching March Madness while you did the laundry, cleaned the house, cooked dinner, did the dishes, folded the laundry, and vacuumed.”  I also couldn’t find one that said, “I’m sorry I told you that you were blocking the TV when you were vacuuming.”  Still, I’d be willing to bet those cards exist.

The deterioration of the traditional nuclear family has only served to inspire the greeting card industry to become more specific.  What’s a guy to do when it comes time for his ex-wife’s step-nephew’s kindergarten graduation?  This also creates the whole “obscure family” scenario, where you may receive a holiday card from someone you’ve never heard of.  Merry Christmas from obscure relatives!

Then there is the slightly snarky way the greeting card industry has created holidays out of thin air in order to get people to send more cards.  As everyone knows, April is International Cesarean Awareness Month (seriously), but did you know that April is also the designated month for more than 50 other causes and organizations?  Some other April examples include African American Women’s Fitness Month, Autism Awareness Month (that’s actually a great one), Fresh Florida Tomatoes Month, Workplace Conflict Awareness Month, and of course, Straw Hat Month.  You can view a full list for each month at Personally, I can envision a card that says, “Happy Workplace Conflict Awareness Month” on the front, and something like “JERK!” on the inside.  That would be rich.

So, take heart in knowing that when you’re looking for a card for your second cousin’s friend’s dog’s owner for National Doghouse Repairs Month (July, by the way), one probably exists.


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