The lows of love are so much higher than the highs of loneliness.

My wife and I are very different people.  Different from each other, that is.  She’s a rural-raised, liberal-leaning, two-tattoo free spirit, and I’m a big-city-suburbia, conservative-leaning, mildly OCD technology junkie.  As I mentioned in a previous post (In cards and love, it’s all about the hand you’re holding), given only each others’ statistics without an opportunity to meet, we wouldn’t have given each other the time of day.  Somehow, the yin and the yang come together to create marital bliss.

holding handsNow, admittedly, she and I have only been married for a year and a half, and are supposedly still within that two-year “Honeymoon Phase”.  That’s all well and good except that with the exception of a two-day excursion to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee two weeks ago, we’ve never had a honeymoon.  I honestly believe that the way it is now between us is the way it’s going to be for the rest of our lives…  for the most part.

I’m not foolish enough to believe that we will never have an argument, or disagree vehemently about something.  We’ve already learned that our parenting styles are quite at odds, but have thus far managed to find a happy medium.  Still, even when I envision the day when the silent treatment reigns; when doors slam and voices are raised; when you can simply feel the tension in the air; when tears fall;  even then, I am and will be so in love with this person.  My heart has found its home.

Somehow, in spite of the drama of every day life, I am resting in her love like I’m gently swinging in the breeze on a hammock; my eyes closed on a 70-degree Spring afternoon.  Though I know that there will undoubtedly be hard times ahead – the death of a friend or family member; the loss of a job; untold trials of life – There is no one I would rather face them with than her.

Every relationship between a man and a woman brings with it some level of drama and intricacy.  Is it worth it?  Many opt for the single life believing that it is the simpler alternative.  Perhaps, but not for me.  This, this is the life for me.  The lows of love are so much higher than the highs of loneliness.

This is the life
I’ve got everything I’ve ever needed
It feels so right
When the puzzle pieces are completed
and when I close my eyes
and picture the way it should be
This is the life I see

© 2010 Marcus Rowe


~ by suitenectar on March 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “The lows of love are so much higher than the highs of loneliness.”

  1. I appreciate your transparency, Marcus, and I am privileged to know both you and Missi.

  2. this was so moving. I too am a firm believer of Love and Life. I choose these two above everything, and cannot agree more with the title of the post. It’s very nice to read something like this and knowing all this. beautifully crafted and wonderful thoughts i must say. thx for sharing.

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