The Greatest Superhero that Ever Lived

The Greatest Superhero that ever lived had it all…

Power:  He could heal the sick, give sight to the blind, and even raise the dead.  He commanded demons and they fled in fear.  He walked on water.

Wealth:  All the riches of Heaven and Earth were His.

Adoration:  All the angels of Heaven were commanded by God to worship Him.

Strength:  The devil himself tempted Him time after time, but He never gave in to temptation.  Not even once.

Intelligence:  Time after time, the wisest teachers tried to trick Him.  Every time, they were schooled by His perfect answers.

Yet when the time came for a hero to save the world, there was no flying bodybuilder type in a cape and mask.  Instead, there was only a servant, a man.

He willingly surrendered all of His power.

He willingly gave up all of his riches.

He willingly exchanged adoration for humiliation.

He willingly held his tongue when mocked.

He willingly carried the weight of the sins of the world on his back.

The Greatest Superhero that ever lived, saved the world by dying on a cross.  For me (and you).


~ by suitenectar on April 2, 2010.

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