I’m starting to envy Benjamin Button…

Sam, Liv, and Sophia

My dad used to tell this joke – one of many in his arsenal – where he said that when he went away to college, he wrote home and told his mom that he had grown a foot since he’d been home.  She sent him three socks.

Tomorrow, I will perform the annual ritual of measuring how much my twins have grown in the past year.  It’s their 8th birthday.  Last year, I recall, Sophia grew 3 inches in a single year.  That still blows me away.  The only clear indication of something like that is how they all start to look like Huck Finn as pants involuntarily become Capri-style.

The passage of time is so much more evident when you spend any significant amount of time around kids.  They don’t even have to be yours.  I remember, just two or three years ago, going to my friend Brian’s son’s 13th birthday party.  His son was this scrawny, somewhat awkward little kid back then.  Now he’s as tall as me and more muscular.  When did that happen?

This concept is heightened even more for me in light of the fact that I am divorced from my kids’ mother, and I don’t get to see them nearly often enough.  A month goes by and I may have only seen them for 10 days or so.  A year goes by and it’s scary to realize how much I’ve missed.  Time is a runaway train.

As a child, summers used to seem endless – like a massive, wide open field of grass where you could run and run and run and never reach the other side.  Now, at 37, three months are scarcely enough time to plan a vacation.

I’m starting to envy Benjamin Button.  Wouldn’t it be great to know what you know now, and be able to “plan” your childhood and teenage years and twenties in the same way that you now “plan” your retirement?  Can you imagine “retiring” at 30 instead of 65 or 70?  That would give an entirely different meaning to enjoying your retirement.  The funny thing is, there would still be so many similarities in everyone’s “sunset years”.  You still may end up wearing a diaper, needing someone to feed you, and falling asleep in a rocking chair.

All I know for sure is that it is a truly amazing thing to watch a child grow, and to grow and evolve yourself throughout your adult life.  I get pretty teary-eyed just looking at pictures of my kids from years past.  It just goes so fast.  They laugh now when we tell them that they’re going to be 16 before they know it, and then 21, and then 40.  I would never want my kids to stop growing and learning and developing, but I sure would love to have the option of slowing it down some times.


~ by suitenectar on April 16, 2010.

One Response to “I’m starting to envy Benjamin Button…”

  1. dude, it’s hard to believe David’s 13th was a lttle over 18 months ago- no 2-3 years about it. Hard for me to believe. Geez

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