You’re My Happy Place

The Happy Place

“Even paradise isn’t half as nice as anywhere else with you.”  As my wife and I have searched for the right house for us over the past few months – with mixed results – I have steadily maintained that I will be happy wherever she is.

Now that we have found and closed on our new home (pictured left), I still feel that way.  This house does not have everything we had on our wish list.  There is no extra lot for the kids to play on.  There is no spacious and glorious master bath.  There are issues that need to be repaired.  And yet, all I can think of right now is that moment, in the car, after having just seen the inside of the house for the first time, when I could feel my wife staring at me from the passenger seat.

I remember saying, “Speak to me”, and watching her eyes dance as she said, “This is a happy place.”  That’s all I needed to hear.  Now, I’d be lying if I said we had made up our minds right then and there to buy this house.  In fact, we left there and went on to several others, as we had multiple viewings that day.  However, I don’t think I will ever forget her words that day.  I can’t wait for our lives to unfold in these rooms; to watch our children grow; to cook and share meals; to undertake home improvement projects together; to watch the dog chase the cat; hearing the kids laugh and fight.  There will undoubtedly be not only laughter, but tears as well – all part of life.

At the end of the day, it’s a building.  The walls can’t and won’t ever speak.  The previous owners were most likely equally optimistic when they bought the home, and who knows if their fortunes turned out as planned.  The fact of the matter is that my family – my wife, my kids, even my pets – my family IS my happy place.  Wherever they are, that is where I want to be.

Although we have yet to actually move in, I already know that my wife was right when she said, “This is a happy place.”  For us, it will be because we will all be there together, loving and leaning on each other for each precious day the Good Lord gives us.


~ by suitenectar on June 17, 2010.

88 Responses to “You’re My Happy Place”

  1. Beautiful little home, it’s amazing how architecture and landscaping to accompany it can really give you a feeling of pure joy.

  2. that it such a great post! you will certainly be happy there because you choose to make your home in people, not a particular place. I really did enjoy reading that – thank you!

  3. wow. that was an amazing post. Its good to hear someone write about the true gifts of life. you are an amazing writer. You’re house is beautiful!! I would do anything for a house like that. Finding a home is so hard to find. But, you are %100 right. Where your family is, is where you belong. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff.

  4. Your Happy Place looks wonderful and it so looks like the perfect fit for the two of you!

  5. What a wonderful post! Happy Father’s Day. I hope your dreams for your family all come true in this “happy place”. I am a real estate agent and you made me smile and know, my job, with all its ups and downs, is an opportunity to bring happy places and people together. Thank you!

  6. Am in the midst of house hunting myself, and came across you on Freshly Pressed. Brilliant post. It makes me achy for someone to share the hunting (and hopefully finding) with. There’s something hard about making a house “home” for just a girl and her dog. Enjoy your happy place.

  7. Awww, so sweet, and romantic!
    Home is where the heart is. And your heart is here in this house because you are surrounded by people you love and love you so dearly. I think this is a simple blog, yet very meaningful. I love it!
    Oh, and I must say the house looks homey! congrats! many happy moments unfold there

  8. Best of luck!

  9. Great perspective. The house is adorable. Glad you found something you can live with. The other things, like the master bath, will fall into place. You can renovate or make the most of what you have. Maybe there’s a park close by for the kids?

  10. Congratulations on making it to the Freshly Pressed. This is a very meaningful entry. There are somethings that just feels right without saying anything.

    Good luck on starting that new life with your wife!

  11. glad to see your happy place…very nice

  12. Very well said…home is definitely where the heart is. When you find your house your always just know. I say that with anything I purchase…You have to have that “This is it!” moment, or in your case, that “happy place” moment. It looks like a beautiful home.

  13. Lovely ~ thanks for sharing!

  14. glad to see your happy place. very nice..

  15. This is so lovely, romantic and true. We should all be so lucky!
    Although I already am as well. Great post. From the heart. Lovely.

  16. Your happy place looks so comfy and warm! Congrats to you both but a special congrats on finding and acknowledging the true meaning of life!
    🙂 Ashley

  17. Your new home is adorable. I’m a fan of the small german houses in our area but sadly the cuter they get, the steeper the price. Enjoy your new home with your lovely wife!

  18. What can I say? I rushed to my computer this morning to wrote the saddest post I ever thought to share, but, before I could logged in, I saw in freshly pressed: “You are my happy place”. I didn’t imagined that your words could reach me today, for uncountable reasons, but it did and I’m very thankful.

    I can only hope, one day, have half of the lucky you do. Congratulations for your family, new house and life. Wish you the best!

    • Cris, I do have a good and very blessed life, but I can assure you that I have hard days and hard times too. Always remember – Above the rain clouds, the sun is still shining!

      • Yes, course! Hard times makes part of life. Usually, I’m not a complainer, but it’s winter down here in Brazil and even when the sun appears still cold. It will be like this for a long time.

        However, there’s no soul which haven’t seen the light of the sun ever, or tasted the darkness of a black and freezing night. It’s all seasons things… I guess I must to carry on, just like everybody else.

        One thing I can sure you, my friend: I’ll fight with everything I have, yet. Is not my nature to giving up. Specially now that I remembered: there’s still happy people around, like you and your family, who deserve to be honored.

  19. Your title and photo got my attention! Beautiful home!
    Especially how I have been married just over a year, also LOVE my wife and we just started payments on a house in the Philippines.
    Your post was quite interesting.
    I just wanted to mention that it is the presence of Jesus that makes paradise “paradise”. Our family members are gifts from God but we shouldn’t put them on a pedestal or otherwise they may become our god (small “g”!). I wouldn’t normally comment like this on another’s blog, but you did mention “The Good LORD” so I thought it wouldn’t be out of place.
    Loved your last line most of all: ”
    Loving and leaning on each other for each precious day the Good Lord gives us.” God bless you and your family!

    • Andy, I can assure you that we fully realize that everything good that happens in life is from Jesus! Thanks for your comment.

      • Glad to hear that. I was pretty sure that was “an understood” but just wanted to clarify. God bless and keep up the great blogging!

  20. That’s such a touching post. I totally fell in love with the place; it seems warm and cozy. And surely, home is where our loved ones are. I wish you all the best. 🙂

  21. It’s beautiful! I wish you and your family lots of joy in your new home.

  22. Beautiful, uplifting post covered in fairy tale happy endings with strings of ‘reality’ intertwined. Thank you for this. Thank you for restoring hope to my soul and for triggering a smile in my heart.

    Be Blessed,

  23. This is really beautifully written, and your new house is just adorable.

  24. An inspiring piece of writing. And a good reminder of what really counts. Thank you

  25. wonderful post! congrats on the home – its beautiful!!

  26. That’s the loveliest sentiment. And a wonderful attitude.

  27. my father once told me…”a house is built with walls but a home with people/family..” i agree with you that your happy place is where your family, people you love are. After all, home is where the heart is, 🙂

  28. Beautifully written! I love you both and look forward to visiting “your happy place”. Happy Father’s Day Marcus. You are ONE IN A MILLION and I am a better person for having you and Missi in my life!

  29. well said … and a beautiful looking house too.

  30. What a lovely post. Your family is also lucky to have a guy that feels the way you do. Best wishes on the new house.

  31. Great your new house.A great find.Enjoy love,peace, health and happiness in your new HOME.

  32. nice post!

  33. This is beautiful. It WILL be a happy place. I love the way you love your wife. All the best to you.

  34. someday, when I get married, I want that same feeling. Congrats on finding a happy place! Plus, I really like the exterior of your house – its beautiful.

  35. House is really cute. I feel the happiness. The house you want either isn’t on the market or costs too much!

  36. Congratulations! That house is adorable!

  37. this is beautiful! congrats on your new home. 🙂

  38. The house is amazing!
    Hope to find my happy place soon.

  39. A house and a home do not always go hand-in-hand, but a house is more than a building. There’s history behind every building and the land on which it was constructed.

    For better or for worse, a house can pick you just as you pick a house. You see it, you step into it, even if it doesn’t register loudly, you’ll know if you’re welcome. Some houses give me the creeps, others are soothing.

    What direction does the house face? Would the sunrise be visible in the front of the house? the back? a side?

  40. That house is very cute. And congratulations!!!! =]

  41. I’m so happy that you know how to give and recieve joy and love. When my children were young, old people would say to me “enjoy them while they’re young because they won’t always be there”. I thought at the time that there must have been something to that or else I wouldn’t have heard it so often. So, I decided to make life joyous with my family and in whatever the circumstance, we whould have a home to call home because that’s where our hearts dwelt. 35 years later I can tell you that it’s been the best life. Not always easy, sometimes very hard. But when you have people that you love and you can receive their love, then that’s what really counts and that stays with you and carries you through the hard parts. Best of luck to you.

  42. oooh, such a wonderful home. I liked your story. Wish you many happy and joyful years in that house. Thanks for sharing =)

  43. Nice home and it’s so sweet of you…I loved it when you said you’ll be happy anywhere your wife be…take care and God Bless your family… :-))

  44. Oh, best of luck to you both! What a beautiful house! Here’s to a happy place.

  45. I love the house. It is one of character.

  46. nice landscape,,, congratulation..

  47. I only clicked on your post because of the house pic, and I almost didn’t bother reading your post because it is too hard for me to read white on black in small lettering.
    But I did read it.
    And I am touched.
    Through my own teary eyes I read your (my) heart’s sentiments and I realize.
    We are all the same,and i am comforted.
    Grab those happy moments.
    Grab every one.

  48. it’s a wonderful place

  49. Nothing like Home…sweet home. I’m glad you guys found your spot. Keep up you both with the dance!
    ~Great Love to you,
    Mirian from peelingtheorange. “)

    Blessings to the Happy Place!

  50. It is a very beautiful house! May God bless it for you and your family!

  51. love.

  52. It’s easy to see why this little house would be a happy place…it’s beautiful.

    Your post, comments about your wife and family are refreshing.

    Thank you.

  53. This is such an icredibly sweet piece, you should share it with your wife! I’ve had this thought before, where if my family is there, or since I’m with someone now, he’s with me, home is being with him. But, it’s great to hear this thought echoed too and thank you for sharing it!

  54. Hello from Brazil! First time in your blog. Beautiful post. Wish you a life of happiness in this new and cute home.

  55. beautiful little house too bad it’s not wheelchair accessible 😦 i invite you to check out my blog linked to above

  56. Lovely home…lovely sentiment.

  57. Congratulations on your new home! This post brought tears to my eyes. May you have many years of love and happiness in your new place.

  58. Sweet. (:

  59. One glance at the pic confirms: it is indeed a happy place!

  60. that’s really beautiful:)

  61. Hi.. nice post. I like your house. it’s beautiful..

  62. Congrats! It’s gorgeous. 🙂 Enjoy enjoy!!!! I’m sure it’ll continue to be a happy place for you all!!!

  63. It really is a beautiful place, and I hope you will be completely happy and contented there! Best wishes!
    Love Quotes

  64. that’s so nice!

  65. Congratulations on your beautiful, new, home. It looks wonderfully cozy. I also enjoyed your thoughts about it being your happy place and the realization that your happiness is within your family; not in a building. Excellent awareness; yet it still doesn’t hurt to have a slice of heaven for your own backyard!

  66. Nice place

  67. Your house IS beautiful! And looks like a very very happy place 😀

    Your post is beautiful. You’ve written about so many lessons-of-life that people talk about, only when you said it, it gave me goosebumps. There’s this feeling of soft golw-y warmth to it.

    I hope you have a long and happy life in your new home…
    My very best-EST wishes to you!

  68. good luck then!! 🙂

  69. I am happy for you and your wife…. This post is simply happy. Good for the soul.

  70. you touched my life by simply reading this post..thanks


  71. Sweet : )
    Love the post!
    Good luck for everything and love deeply 😉

  72. So enjoyed reading this. Came here from Freshly Pressed. (Lucky you!) Wow…what a great thing to say you looked into her eyes. Such a simple but precious thing.

  73. congratulations sir on what you want to dance, in an atmosphere of issue to not have to have a luxury home, which is important there is an empty room for your wife and your children, to remain happy and pleased … source

  74. Your wife, sir, is one lucky lady.

  75. This is awesome. I hope that in my future, I will experience a moment like that.

  76. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

    Enjoy your happy place, and your new home.

  77. Such a gorgeous home. I do hope your family is happy there.

  78. I think nobody can stay alone without family, wife, kids , this is amazing, you have a happy life

  79. very lovely house,wish its mine 🙂

  80. Sweet post 🙂

  81. Wow! That’s such a sweet message!! Yes, your wife is amazing…and I thank God every day that I can call her my friend. You’re both family to me and I love y’all dearly!

  82. Such a wonderful post. A nice way to end the night. It brought a smile to my face. I hope that my new blog can one day do that for someone else. Thank you.

  83. aww this is such a nice story. Thanks for the feel-good post! the house is really cute.

  84. Home is always a happy place. Yours looks nice and I wish you all years of success in it. I’m sure you will enjoy every second of it.

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