Worst Album Covers Ever!

I hope none of these people read my blog.  I’ve actually removed several examples that tended to make fun of people with a disability.  These fine examples have been gathered from multiple sources all over the web including http://www.worstalbumcovers.org and http://rateyourmusic.com.  Many have also made the rounds via email.  The sad thing is that this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Do an internet search for “Worst Album Covers” and they go on for days.  These are in no particular order.  Each one is as bad as the next!  Please feel free to share links to other examples!

Tino is modeling the new "Daisy Dukes" for men...

Isn't that Ray Parker, Jr.?

I think the first single was called "Uncle Daddy".

Now, relax and gaze into my cleavage...

Bill, where's your other hand? Between two pillows. Those aren't pillows!

This guy's got guts. You can see them.

He was the "Blue Man Group" of his generation.

Shouldn't that say, "Swamp Dogg On Rat!"?

What? Don't you need illustrations for that? Where are Tootie and Blair when you need them?

What can you say? THAT is the best picture you've got?

Featuring the hit singles, "Makin' Bacon" and "Pearls Before Swine"!

Featuring the hit singles, "Throw Me A Bone" and "So Fine K9"!

Really? Someone requested that?

I think Cody's a little "Comfortably Numb", if you know what I mean...

I saw the green sticker and thought this was a "50 Cent" album.

I was body paint when body paint wasn't cool.

Featuring "Meet Me in the VESTibule" and "Hell is a Barn Burner".

Um, no. Featuring "I Can't Sit Bayou No More".


~ by suitenectar on June 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “Worst Album Covers Ever!”

  1. WOW…seriously what else can one say about those. Glad I put my coffee down first or the laptop would have been covered!

  2. Nice Blog.

  3. This is nice post.It’s seems like very beautifully.I enjoy it.

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