Some Friends You Keep.

Some friends you keep.  No matter how many miles separate you, or how many months or years pass by without seeing them.  The older I get, the more I appreciate this kind of friend.  When your paths do cross, you pick up right where you left off – re-living the glory days; marveling at how much your kids have grown; laughing about receding hairlines and expanding waistlines.

It’s wonderful to have friends who you see regularly and often.  Neighbors, church friends, family friends – they are all invaluable in life.  However, it’s equally wonderful to have those with whom you somehow remain magically connected over miles and years.

Today, social media apps such as Facebook are changing the landscape of friendships.  I could, in a matter of minutes, send a message to countless high school classmates of mine from 20 years ago.  I have Facebook friends with whom I haven’t spoken in those 20 years, and yet I can tell you how long they’ve been married, how many kids they have, where they work, and in some cases even minutiae such as what they had for dinner last night.

Times change.  My best friends are spread across the United States.  And yet, “best friend” is a label for life.  My best friends will always be my best friends.  If we don’t see each other for five years.  If we forget the names of each others’ kids, whom we’ve only met once or twice.  If we forget to send that birthday card.  It doesn’t matter.  You still look forward to the next time you can share a beer and a laugh together.  Some friends will come and go, but some friends you keep.


~ by suitenectar on August 18, 2010.

4 Responses to “Some Friends You Keep.”

  1. thought this might be one of those real friends help you bury the body… Cheers, my brother.

  2. I was a little scared when I started reading this, but it’s very true
    Very sweet and sincere post!

    – Calhoun

  3. Great post!! With friends all over the world, even some “best friends,” it’s nice to know that they’re always be a “best friend.” That includes you and your lovely wife, by the way! 🙂

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