Love, Your Hero, Daddy

They don’t come all that often – those moments when you just have to stop and say, “This is one of those moments I will treasure all of my life.”  My 8-year-old daughter gave me one the other day.  I picked her up from school, along with her twin brother, as I only get to do on Wednesdays.  When we got home and I pulled out their backpacks to assess the homework situation, the paper pictured to the left was the first thing I saw.  I almost cried.  Especially when she noticed me reading it and stopped what she was doing to watch my reaction.  When I finished and smiled at her, she said, “Oh, Dad” and walked right over with those sweet, dancing eyes and gave me a kiss.

As a divorced father who only gets to be with his kids about 60 days per year, I often wonder what kind of impact I’m actually having on their lives.  I have always tried to be the best father I can be in the time that I’ve been given, but when days go by and they don’t call me, I have wondered if I even cross their minds.  I have never doubted their love for me, or mine for them, and we express it often to each other.  Still, as the hours and days we spend together come and go in the blink of an eye, it sometimes seems as if all I’m left with are hurried hugs in their mother’s driveway and a lonely car ride home.  How wonderful it is to know that they take more than that with them when they go.

This morning, at her school, she will be reading this paper out loud on the morning announcements, broadcast to the entire school.  How proud am I to say that she is mine?  And though I’m left to wonder again and again about how much of their lives I’m missing out on, it’s moments like this that make me cherish even more the time we have together.  Thank you, Sophia; self-proclaimed “Daddy’s little girl.”  I love you more than you will ever know.

Love, Your Hero, Daddy.


~ by suitenectar on September 10, 2010.

3 Responses to “Love, Your Hero, Daddy”

  1. Gee you made me cry.Have no fears your bringing them up right .I have much respect for you.Hero Daddy. What a wonderful loving Litle Girl you have. Congrats on being a great Dad !
    My Littlest Grandson just turned 2 and last night he said the sweetest thing to his Mom. He put her hands over his heart and said Mommy happy and put his over hers and said babeeeeeeeeee Happy.
    I cried so sweet.
    Nothing like a Kid hug and love in any shape way or form.
    Keep your chin up and thanks for the share.

  2. That is so precious, Marcus! I’m a “Daddy’s girl,” so I understand the feelings behind her words…and trust me, she means every bit of it. I feel the same about my Daddy!

  3. freakin WOW

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