Life in Limbo

Maybe if he wasn't chubby, he could limbo lower...

Do you ever get the feeling that your life and dreams are “on hold”?  It’s almost as if you’re in an airplane that has traveled around the world to get to this wonderful destination, and now you’re stuck, circling in a holding pattern until “the tower” gives you permission to land.  Looking out your window, you can see the “promised land” below, filled with freedom and excitement.  Suddenly, a voice comes over the intercom stating that one of the engines is on fire.  Now your mind races back and forth between the thrill of “getting there” and the potential reality of a crash landing.  This has been my life for the past six months.

I really can’t go into too many details at this point.  Suffice it to say that this has been a period of great growth in my faith and in my relationship with the Holy Spirit.  I have often written of taking chances (Sometimes, you just have to go out on a limb. After all, that’s where the fruit is.) and living life one day at a time (Living in the Day), but sometimes it’s difficult for those two things to coexist.  We take chances because with great risk comes great reward, and we look forward to and work toward this great reward.  Living in the day requires being content with exactly where you are and what you have right now, and being grateful for the chance to live out this and every day.

And so, here I am, right where I have been for six months.  Sky high one moment with victories large and small.  Sick to my stomach in the next moment with fear of failure.  It’s an uncomfortable existence.  But there is so much to celebrate.

My home has not been destroyed by a tornado, like many in Birmingham, AL, Joplin, MO, Reading, KS, and other places.  My entire community has not been washed away like many who endured the tsunami in Japan.  My children don’t have cancer, while countless families are waging that battle.  I don’t worry about where my next meal will come from, like so many living on the streets.

Lord, please forgive my selfishness.  I wasn’t guaranteed today, and yet you allowed me to live it and filled it with blessings.  Please help me to see through the distractions of life to the everyday miracles around me.


~ by suitenectar on May 25, 2011.

2 Responses to “Life in Limbo”

  1. thanks for the perspective this morning, homes. Beautiful timing

  2. Well said.

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