My Heart Will Know Your Name

My Heart Will Know Your Name

When the days we’ve yet to spend together
Number fewer than the ones we’ve lived
And the hands of time won’t stop their turning
Though there’s nothing that we wouldn’t give
Should a lifetime full of memories fade
Like castles made of sand in tide and wind
When my mind can’t do the same
My heart will know your name

When our dreams of long and distant journeys
Turn to hand-held walks beside a stream
I will always be your dancing jester
Living to bring laughter to my queen
But if wit and humor leave me
‘Neath the weight of facing mysteries unseen
When my lips can’t say the same
My heart will know your name

When we sit a while in timeless comfort
Peaceful just to be, side by side
When the laughter fades to knowing silence
And all the tears have dried
If my countenance is empty
Never doubt the fiery love that burns inside
When my eyes have lost the flame
My heart will know your name

© 2011 Marcus Rowe


~ by suitenectar on April 9, 2012.

3 Responses to “My Heart Will Know Your Name”

  1. Lovely, Marcus.

  2. Wow! Love this poem. My grandmother has Alzheimer’s and this means alot to me and all who love her. Peace & Blessings to you.


    • Thank you very much. My grandfather had Alzheimer’s as well, and my mother is beginning to have some memory issues. However, it was after watching “The Notebook” with my wife that I knew I had to write this. I’m glad you found meaning in it as well.

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