The Rock and the River

In the middle of a river, there is a rock.
The rock is strong and stubborn.
It takes whatever the river can throw at it.
It will not be moved.
Day after day, the rock holds firm.

When the river overtakes the rock, the rock holds its breath.  When the river runs dry, the rock bathes in the sun.  The rock is proud.  It knows it is stronger than the river… at least for now.  Over time – more time than any of us has on Earth – the river will wear away the rock.  But not today.  And not tomorrow.

The rock will be right where it sits, laughing at the river.

All around the rock, there is a river.
The river is also strong and stubborn.
It always finds a way around the rocks.
It will not be stopped.
Day after day, the river flows on.

When the storms clouds come, the river grows stronger.  When the river runs dry, its bed soaks in the sun.  The river is fluid.  It knows it is smarter than the rock.  Over time – in mere moments – the river will leave the rock behind, ready for the next rock or fallen tree or beaver dam or waterfall.

And though the rock remains strong, its circumstances never change or improve.  It gains neither strength nor experience nor wisdom.  Every day there is only…  the river.

Meanwhile, the river will learn from each new challenge, absorbing the fullness of the highs and lows of its journey.  The river will press on relentlessly toward the goal – ever forward – ultimately becoming one with the infinite ocean and all the wonders it holds.  It will have long since forgotten about the rock.

In life, you are one or the other. Choose wisely.  Be the river.


~ by suitenectar on February 9, 2014.

2 Responses to “The Rock and the River”

  1. is this a poem? where did it come from? did you make it up yourself?

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